• Conducted by : Shri Gujarat Rajya Akhil Gramya Kabir Vikas Mandal, DASA
  • Arts College - Fatepura

  • Affiliated with Shri Govind Guru University - Godhra

  • To offer opportunities for the tribal and need students to attain new heights of their carrier.
  • To develop leadership qualities among the tribal grooming youth by taking care to develop multidimensional personalities on a local and global scale.
  • To promote social, moral and spiritual values among the tribal students.
  • To instil enthusiasm for prevention of languages arts, historical and cultural heritage.
  • To Focus on women's education.
  • To nourish the natural talent of students with extra-curricular activities.
  • To know the community around the college (particular villages) related to local and global issues and help them come out from the same.
  • To organize extension activities for community development, focusing on civic responsibilities and social awareness
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